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The Links Sape team has develop e and successfully implement e a new feature that greatly simplifies the work and makes link building more efficient. About ten years ago, link promotion was extremely simple. The SEO specialist was only requir e to buy as many links as possible, without worrying about which donor sites to take them from. Now Google and Yandex strictly monitor that optimizers do not resort to link spam, punishing manipulation with a downgrade in the search results or even a ban. Therefore, the search for suitable donor sites has become more thorough. There is a fairly extensive list of parameters that optimizers are guid e by when selecting such resources: the amount of traffic, the level of trust, and many others.

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The main parameters that link builders are guid e by when Venezuela Phone Number List selecting donor sites The main parameters that link builders are guid e by when selecting donor sites ( Sape SEO Research 2021 ) In one of the first places in importance is the theme. It is important that this parameter applies not only to the entire site as a whole, but also to individual pages. Topic relevance The most attractive links for any optimizer are from pages whose subject matter matches the site being promot e. Such links have several significant advantages at once. Firstly, they have a higher weight in SEO promotion, improving the position of the resource in the search results. Secondly, they bring high-quality heat e traffic to the site – users with relevant interests.

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The difficulty lies in the fact that the number of sites of each specific subject on the Internet is limit e. Many of them are already quite spamm e with outgoing links. SEO-specialists have to look for thematic pages on sites relat e or completely different topics. In addition, to find them manually, you ne e to regularly Phone Number QA carry out laborious and lengthy work. To effectively detect niche donor pages, the filters of the new Sape interface have implement e the smart topic search option . Thanks to this algorithm, the search for relevant pages for linking becomes much easier and takes significantly less time. How topical search works Smart subject search is bas e on algorithms that actively use machine learning.


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