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Is activate there are two different things you can measure. You can measure the action that was use to generate that tab, and you can look at the tab type. So the actions possible are navigating or reloading or the back and forward button, and the tab type could be new or existing. So if it’s a reloade tab in an existing tab type, then that means that person hoarde the tab. Essentially, they’ve just had it open. And this is just detecting from the browser. You don’t nee any fancy cookies or anything like this. This is built-in stuff for measuring. So by looking at the percentage of which your tabs are run by tab hoarders.

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Essentially you can see what percentage of Vietnam Phone Number List your page views is actually fresh page views, like new people. And also consider that if you have a lot of tab hoarders, it might be making your conversion rate look like crap, because conversion rate in Universal Analytics is session-basd. So if every time they come back to that existing tab every single day, like once a day, that’s one session every day and they never convert, has a 0% conversion rate for this person, they could look at this page like 30 times before they actually end up converting. In GA4, you have the option of session conversions or user conversions.

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So it’ll be a little bit better, but you also have to Phone Number MX assume that the cookies have remaine to identify this person is a user, which is not always the case. So definitely keep in mind that you might want to discount hoarders when you’re thinking about your conversion rate for your site. 2. Look at page views per day Image of whiteboard section for item 2, look at page views per day Second thing, I also want you to look at the page views per day. So consider that when you have a report and you probably have in that report top pages, for.

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