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This form is divide into 4 parts: Business details – here you fill in the details of the business, local address, website, contact details and more. Choosing a business – here you have to choose the business found by Facebook. If it doesn’t exist, select “none of these”, in that case another part will be adde and there you nee to attach business registration documents from the state authorities. Confirmation of business details – here you confirm that the business details (legal name, address, website, phone) are real. Selecting a verification method – here you receive a confirmation message. that’s it. If your domain has not yet been verifie, it is recommende to submit a request for domain verification on Facebook . This is important for verifying the business and of course important for other purposes as detaile in the same guide on the subject.

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Important note: Facebook may also require you to South Korea Phone Number List send your personal identification, at the initial stage before applying for business verification. In such a case, the appropriate government identification must be attache. Manage a business or professional YouTube channel with interesting videos? YouTube Shorts are an excellent tool for creating short and interesting videos for your audience. If you use TikTok, there’s a good chance you understand what it’s all about. Here is all the information. What is YouTube Shorts? YouTube Shorts is a tool for browsing, watching and creating short and interesting videos by your mobile device, and this on the YouTube social network.

South Korea Phone Number List

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These videos are adde to the tools and Phone Number QA capabilities of your YouTube channel and are suitable for branding and marketing your business. If you use Tiktok (previously Musically), or Instagram Reels , and you have a YouTube channel that you promote and manage, then the interesting tool YouTube Shorts will probably be very relevant to you and you will like to use it. If you don’t use the tools written before, then don’t worry, this guide explains everything to you.

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