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Consequences of the lack of RFM analysis Without RFM analysis, a business can face a number of difficulties. Spending on ineffective advertising Promotional materials that are simultaneously receive by new, former, and active customers without any differentiation can become a waste of money. Let’s give an example . The advertising budget of your business is 400,000 rubles. You use this amount to launch remarketing and display banners to new users. When you set the remarketing parameters, you didn’t divide the audience by the time of purchase. As a result, people who bought products a week ago and a year ago receive the same ads. Advertising without a targete offer will not give maximum profit. We have a suitable article that will help you avoid mistakes when setting up retargeting: “Retargeting on search from Yandex: what it is and how it works.

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User backlash due to spam According to statistics, if users Morocco Phone Number List see the same ad more than 4 times, the cost per click becomes 68% more expensive. Show your ad to one person 8 times and watch the cost per click skyrocket by 138%. People stop responding to repeate ad impressions and may even change their attitude towards the company. For example, leave an annoye review demanding to be left alone. It is better not to cause bad emotions than to work out a lot of negativity from customers later. Lack of response If the promotional offer is not useful, then the person will pass by. He will not leave a request, will not send his email, will not click on the link. Even if your ad carries a discount, it is unlikely to be of interest to a user who does not nee the products offere. Conclusion: advertising must be shown to the right people at the right time, only then it will be effective. How to conduct an RFM analysis Analysis of the customer base.

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To start RFM analysis, you nee to work with the customer base. At the start, you can study two groups of people who have logge in to the site: Paid for purchases. They put the goods in the basket, but for some reason did not pay. For example, they Phone Number QA began to look for a more profitable option on other resources, returne to work, and were urgently distracte by some business. Usually such users come back if you give them a good offer. As a result, you will receive separate statistics for those who have bought and those who have not yet paid. RFM segmentation We divide the database into groups depending on the prescription of the purchase, the frequency of orders and the amount of money spent. We should get 5 groups with scores from 1 to 5 in each of the parameters. R (Recency) – grouping depending on the date of the transaction.


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