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However you should not set this level, because the audience will not suit your goals. The VKontakte auction works on the principle of the first price. If you can show ads to such an audience, then no one nees it. Besides, there isn’t much of it. It will look like this: you launche an ad, spent 50–100 rubles, and after that the campaign stoppe because there is no longer such an audience. There is a solution: use a market platform. How to reuce CPM It can be found near the personal account. How to reuce CPM On the market platform, you can post your own posts or reposts in public. What audience options are available? You can specify the topic of the public, the age and gender of the participants, the desire region, etc. Yes, such an audience from the communities will be colder compare to competitors’ subscribers, but at the same time, many people will see your post for little money. Imagine that your company sells cauldrons.

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As the target audience we will choose Lithuania Phone Number List thirty-year-old men who like to cook. How to reuce CPM For example, let’s take the Dishes in a Cauldron group, which has 93,000 subscribers. How to reuce CPM Record coverage in this case will be 14,000 / 35,000: 14,000 – how many views one post gets on average; 35,000 is the average view of all community posts. The cost of accommodation in this community is 222 rubles. The post will stay on the wall for 1 day. Moreover, depending on the public, publications may not be delete. Let’s calculate the CPM: 222/14 = 15.8 rubles. Now you know that this will be the cost of impressions in this community. At the same time, the advertising account does not allow setting the cost of the target less than 30 rubles. Sometimes even with a large coverage, for some reason, there are few clicks on the link. Because of this, the cost per click increases.

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Why is that All the posts you post have a different Phone Number QA CTR, which directly affects the cost per click. You can post 3-5 different publications at the same time and find out what the cost per click will be for each. Identify the most successful among them and distribute it to different publics. This way you will understand which community provides the cheapest clicks. How to increase CTR and Conv1 In the previous section, we looke at how to reuce the cost of CPM. The next step is to reuce the cost of CTR and increase the conversion from clicking on the link to the subscriber. Among the available options, competitions are quite successful. It is worth emphasizing that the contest should not entertain the audience, but increase CTR and convert clicks into subscriptions. The reward in the draws should be exactly your product.


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