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Show our knowlge and test ideas with clients. Plus, it can all lead to beneficial upsells- but none of this is possible without a good looking and informative report to backup our claims. While this is not a big part of my SEO reporting process, I try to include metrics around user behavior to explain how people engage with on-page content. This information can also help tie high-level SEO metrics to business goals, which are significant parts of the overall story I convey to my clients each month. 5. Add local SEO info Local SEO is an essential part of an SEO strategy to drive qualifi leads and sales for local business owners.

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You can save a lot of time by using a tool like Saudi Arabia Phone Number List Moz Local to keep NAP and listings consistent for your clients, and you can use excellent local SEO reporting tools to show the results of your local SEO tactics. I have several clients that offer local SEO services. Not only do these services offer immiate value to these clients, but the local SEO services also provide me with a great way to pitch additional services like outreach, page optimizations, and blogging. While local SEO is not a great fit for all of your clients, you can unwrap great opportunities.

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If you offer honest solutions to address Phone Number QA their nes and present precise data to show your efforts’ value. Be sure to include local SEO metrics in your SEO reports when it makes sense, and point out the metrics that matter to business owners like phone calls, foot traffic, and driving directions! Use SEO analytics to tell a story and build customer trust! Reports are not the main reason many SEOs start in this profession, but monthly SEO reports help us paint a picture of our clients’ SEO efforts. You’ll be able to show the value of your SEO services and keep clients longer if you.

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