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In a whole bunch of time. So Moz’s Keyword Explorer is a really great place to start. I love to use the Compare Link Profiles tool, and this is a really good. Way to take a look at one site versus its. Competitors and see how it’s doing from a really high level. It’ll help you identify if there’s someone who’s really elite, who’s ranking for 20 times more keywords than you, that’s maybe not the most realistic competitor to monitor yourself against. You can see if maybe there’s a site that’s really comparable. Or if there’s a site that’s not ranking for hardly any keywords, that’s not going to be one you have to worry about.

The Data You Need To Be Able To Formalize

So it’s a really good place to start just to get South Africa Phone Number List sort of an idea of the competitive landscape. Another really helpful thing to look at is the keyword overlap. So we’ve seen total keywords. But what are those keywords specifically that are performing well? So my lovely drawing here of a keyword overlap chart gives you an idea. So let’s say the blue is your top competitor, green is competitor two, and then the red is you. So you really want to take a look at that are.

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It Into A Plan To Know When To Start Creating

Where your competitors overlap but you don’t have Phone Number QA any keywords that are ranking. This is so important, because maybe you’ll identify a topic area where all of your competitors have content for, but the site you’re looking at doesn’t. This is a really good place to start and can help you provide some initial content suggestions and get sort of a window into your competitors’ content strategies. So speaking of content, let’s talk about looking at content for an SEO audit. 2. Content So this is probably where I spend the most time personally when I do audits, because it’s really valuable.

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