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The Technical SEO Certification Series is available through Moz Academy. Just select the series from the catalog, move through the registration process, and get started! After completing the series and taking the final exam, you’ll be awarded an official Moz Certificate and a LinkedIn badge. Who is this Certification Series best for? This series is ideal for intermediate SEOs and digital marketers with existing SEO knowledge who are looking to level up their technical skills. The series content covers technical topics that pair nicely with a solid understanding of keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and content marketing.

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If you already have familiarity with the SEO Guatemala Phone Number List fundamentals and are looking to grow your technical expertise, this series is great for you. If you’re new to SEO and looking to learn the ropes, we’d recommend the SEO Essentials Certification. How long will the series take to complete? The certification series includes three hours of instructor-led curriculum, in addition to activities to test your understanding and the final exam. With all of that in mind, you can expect your time commitment to be about five hours in total. How long is the Technical SEO Certification valid? Do my certification credentials expire? No, your Technical SEO Certification credentials will not expire.

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I don’t have a Moz Pro subscription – is the Technical Phone Number QA SEO Certification Series still relevant for me? Yes! While we do use Moz Pro to apply certain concepts throughout the series, having a Moz Pro subscription is not a requirement to benefit from this certification. We’ll also explore a number of technical tasks in other tools outside of Moz. In general, the concepts, activities, and theories covered in the series are agnostic of tools. Any other questions or thoughts about the Technical SEO Certification Series? Drop them in the comments below.

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