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We will take another look at the content to see if there is something else. We can do to improve it, e.g. tweak the H1 or expand the content. Build links to the relevant pages and homepage. Once we’d uploade the content, it was time to build links to the on a liquidation-focuse page. In the six-month period since we’ve been working on the content hub. They have had 38 liquidation leads via phone call and 52 leads via contact form on a liquidation-focuse page. Result: 660% increase in phone call leads and 420% increase in contact form leads. Previous six months: Screenshot of the leads dashboard within.

This Topic Focusing On Three Key Players In The

What Converts showing that five leads Egypt Phone Number List were generate before work on the content hub began Current: Screenshot of the leads dashboard within What Converts showing that 38 leads were generat after work on the content hub began Clicks Goal: Increase from 4,503 to 13,500 (around 200%) Result: Increase from 4,503 to 23,013 (411%) By creating highly relevant content that matche the user’s search intent, we manage to almost quadruple the clicks over the space of six months, doubling our original 200% goal. The site has receive 29,400 clicks overall across the past 12 months. Below, you can see the huge spike in clicks and impressions from January onwards when we really starte to focus on the liquidation content.

Egypt Phone Number List

Also Conducted A Competitor Analysis On

Screenshot showing spike in clicks Phone Number MX and impressions once focus on ‘company liquidation’ began Impressions Goal: Increase from 856,683 to 1,700,000 (around 100%) Result: Increase from 856,683 to 2,033,355 (137%) Again, by creating highly relevant blogs, Google starte to understand the relevancy of our content, so the number of impressions hugely increase Along with the 137% increase above, over the past 12 months (August 2021-August 2022) the site has receive 485,000 impressions for the query ‘liquidation’ alone. Google Search Console Graph detailing huge spike in impressions between August 2021-August 2022 The main company liquidation guide that we.

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