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That’s great, if you can produce them, but don’t forget to provide written transcripts. Your findings can also fuel your social ads after the search is perform. So, for example, if you did a search for something like “Is coffee good for you,” you’re going to see an answer box saying, “Recent studies found that coffee drinkers are less likely to die from some of the leading causes of death.” Websites that have URLs rank in the featur snippet often experience heighten brand visibility and the majority of available traffic from the associat keyword. Where do you start if you want to become a part of that featur snippet box? How do you target those opportunities.

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Well the first step here is keyword research. Upload Colombia Phone Number List keywords to STAT and filter You want to discover keywords that you can start monitoring optimizing for. Ideally, you want to find keywords that you rank on page one for that also have a featur snippet. STAT’s keywords tab is a great place to start with this. In this feature, you can upload a bunch of keywords, and once you’ve allow some time for the data to gather, you can really dig into what keywords you have that are triggering answer boxes and what opportunities there are.

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There’s an extremely useful feature in STAT where Phone Number QA you can filter a table of keywords to show earn SERP features and specifically answers. You can filter for specific answer subtypes too. STAT currently parse lists, paragraphs, tables, carousels, and videos. So you can check out all of these. You should also filter for keywords specifically on page one. So do that. Filter the “Rank” column to show results ranking between one and 10. Once you have found all of those keywords, there’s a really smart, useful way of collecting them all together, and that’s by putting them into a dynamic tag.

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