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About local search marketing before you start filming yourself and your products? Read The Essential Local SEO Strategy Guide. perceive as very confus, right? They’re like, okay, there’s a bunch of H1s on this page. I’m not really sure what this page is about. Adding structure and cascading headings to signify parent-child relationships is going to help your content be a little bit more perceivable. It’s going to be easier to understand what’s happening. 4. Semantic HTML Same thing with semantic HTML. We tend to put lots of divs and spans and unidentifiable elements in our HTML. But by marking them up in more appropriate ways, so that we understand what their meaning is, understand what those tags contain.

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Whether it’s navigation or forms or tables, providing Algeria Phone Number List that extra layer of information and understandability is going to allow search engines and assistive technology to be able to parse through those things, to allow them to perceive the things you’re putting on your page that are different from one another and provide a richer experience. Operable Okay, so we’re able to perceive the content. But how do we make sure that it’s operable? 1. HTML sitemaps Photo of hand drawn HTML sitemap example. A couple of SEO recommendations that I often see people making are build an HTML sitemap and put breadcrumbs on your page.

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A lot of times you might get some pushback from Phone Number QA that. The HTML site map is super important we know for SEO, for discoverability of those pages deep in our website’s hierarchy. We know that breadcrumbs are also pretty equally important for discoverability. Both of these elements help users with assistive technology better navigate the website. The HTML site map allows for if your menu doesn’t include all the pages on your website or if it’s confusing or you’re using JavaScript or some other technology that’s not.

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