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This is a large array of data from three sites in two regions – the robot fills out 18 tables daily, which also contain data on leads from Google Analytics. This allows you to control the costs, quantity and cost of targete actions for each campaign. In addition, the algorithm generates a summary table for monitoring costs and budget balances. This is especially convenient when the client pays in instalments every week. Ultimately, the solution helps evaluate the team’s performance. Stage two: creating a chatbot to send data from Google Sheets to Telegram After we automate the collection of data on advertising campaigns and leads into a single file in Google Sheets, it was necessary to make sure that the project team and the client receive this information in a convenient format.

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Google Ads can be directly linke to messengers using Google Hong Kong Phone Number List Ads Scripts, but Yandex Direct and Google Analytics do not have such functionality. Therefore, we use the Make automation platform formerly Integromat . With its help, the file was integrate into Google Sheets and the Telegram service. Data output scheme in Telegram using Make Data output scheme in Telegram using Make former Integromat We have create a Telegram bot that takes data from the table every morning and sends it to the project chat in the messenger. Thanks to this, our team and employees from the client’s side see all the information about the balance of the budget and costs for all sites in the context of advertising sites in Google Ads and Yandex.

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Balance messages Balance messages For additional convenience, we have set up notifications about the end of the work of scripts that collect data in a table. So we check the health of Phone Number QA the system, and the customer learns about the appearance in the table of current totals. If you open the file while the script is running, the numbers will be wrong. Messages about the stages of the scripts Messages about the stages of the scripts Result: getting rid of many hours of routine and increasing the transparency of work Automation saves specialists from performing routine tasks that take 3-4 hours. Unlike a person, the script functions without weekends, holidays, sick days and vacations. The algorithm prepares reports every day by 9 am, and the bot immeiately sends all the key data to the Telegram chat.


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