Your Shopping” App You Will Find Promotions in Nearby Stores

The e-newsletter gives access. To current promotions in retail outlets, which can be quickly found on the map.Or searched from the list of those currently available. It also allows you to check the opening hours and read .The most important information. In addition, the consumer can prepare his shopping list and. If a given outlet also provides the “Order. And collect” or “Order at home” service, he can send it directly. To the store and pick up the products on the spot or choose delivery to the place. Of his choice. Using the application gives new opportunities not only to consumers, but also to retailers who gain a. Mobile tool for efficien.T and safe service, can reach new .Customers, as well as promote their store and improve competitiveness.

Your Shopping” Application Changes the Traditional Trade Market

The m/platform technology.Allows small, independent retailers to use modern digital services, such as the m/promo+ service, which gives them access to the best promotions reimbursed directly by producers. The store owner increases sales. Without losing the margin. The solution, supported by the “E-mka – your shopping” application, for the first Bulgaria Phone Number List time includes an individualized. Newsletter for each store with promotions in a modern, electronic version. In addition, in times of pandemic, customers are increasingly .Making purchases on the basis of “Order and collect” or “Order at home”. The application .Allows traditional stores to offer these modern. Services based on safety and compliance .With hygiene and sanitary rules.

Consumers Quick and Convenient Access to Information About the Latest

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Mobile application “E-mka – your shopping” – screenshots the “E-mka – your shopping” application is available. For download free of charge via the appstore and google. Play: download the app from the app store download the application in the google. Play store source: comp – service platform lukasz majchrzyk memoji (mobirank.Pl) lukasz majchrzyk I have been dealing. With internet communication and e-marketing since 2005, I am passionate. About Phone Number QA mobile devices and new technologies – and I do not hesitate to use them. These apps are very different, one is a music streaming service and the other provides. Real time gps location and maps. However, they have a common interest in keeping users engaged while driving (without looking at their phone, of course!). Each company .Understood the other’s goals and value and decided that partnership was the best way to approach the challenge.

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