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Important for that Google search and can then avoid relying on. I prefer this or I think this word is better because it will be bas on. What the search engine understands to be the best. Then, just like a puzzle, assemble these entities with your own text in an objective and easy to understand way. Ideally, your definition should be slightly shorter than the current one, making it as unbias as possible — very important, especially for voice searches. Take a look at this example: In blue are the entities I decid to use on my new definition.

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You can also note that this paragraph is a lot Finland Phone Number List shorter than the previous one. Finally, insert your updat paragraph into your text, making sure it fits with the rest of the text, and avoiding any breaks in the flow of the text that could throw off your reader. 6. Re-index your page After making these changes, the next step is to request that your page be re-index through Google Search Console. This action wasn’t possible until a few weeks ago, but Google announc on December 22, 2020 that “Request Indexing” is back to their tool. The re-indexing part is not an indispensable step, but it is ideal to streamline the process and verify whether it was possible to achieve the snippet or not more quickly.

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To illustrate the results my team and I were Phone Number QA able to make, here are some snippets won using this strategy: And the one that made me proudest (it is in Portuguese, my native language): Before: After four minutes: Besides conquering it incribly fast, this exact snippet made me realize I had creat an effective strategy and I ne to share it with the SEO community. 7. Don’t give up Something went wrong? Check if your content as a whole relates to what is present in the snippet text, and make the necessary adjustments.

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