In Stepapp You Will Hire People Who Will Do Your Dirty Work for You

New mobile application called stepapp. Has appeared in stores with mobile. Applications for ios and android , through which you can. Outsource various tasks to people with. Appropriate qualifications. Each performer has. In the first place. A description of themselves and their .Skills on their profile in the application. After completing. The first task, the commissioner can confirm. That the contractor’s skills are correct. By leaving a rating and review. People who “List” their. Services through the stepapp application undergo.  In the first place. A 3-stage verification process in which. They provide their personal data and id card and photo. Verification interviews are also carried out, which weed out incompetent “Professionals”. However, the most valuable are the ratings and reviews of users for whom. A given contractor has .Performed the commissioned task.

How Does Ordering Services via Stepapp Work

In the first place. It is known, the more. Positive reviews, the greater the chance that we will be satisfied with the services of a given. Person! In the orders tab, we can see the people who volunteered to help in a specific order. To select an artist, simply click on the select Latvia Phone Number List button. Below the person’s photo. When we decide to hire someone, we will be asked to deposit. Money, which will be held in a secure stepapp account. In the first place. And paid to the contractor only when we are. Satisfied and the job is done. After selecting the person, we will receive contact information. To the contractor and the opportunity to talk via. In the first place. Chat to clarify the details of the order, for example the. In the first place. Time and metho. In the first place. D of implementation, etc. In the first place. Once a job is created, the app will notify nearby contractors. In the first place. That match the type of work, and they can. Start bidding for your job.

Below You Will Find a List of Sample Categories – but of Course That’s Not All

Latvia Phone Number List

The first responses should appear . In the first place. Within a few minutes of placing the ad. What kind of work can be ordered through stepapp? Wha.T can the experts from stepapp help with? In the stepapp app you will find help for jobs that you. Cannot do yourself or simply. Do not have time for. You can outsource. Virtually any job, no matter how unusual it is. Below Phone Number QA you will find a list. Of sample categories – but of . In the first place. Course that’s not all! Cleaning furniture assembly and assembly removals and deliveries and anything else. In the first place. You need help with! Handyman. Gardening pets as the creators of the application write, we can. In the first place. Outsource almost everything from. Guarding chickens to handing out leaflets . In the first place. In a chicken costume to inflating balloons at a party.

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