In September the Maps Platform Places Api Icons Will Change

The icon set for places in the maps.Platform places api will be updated in late september 2020. New icons in google. Places apis (starting september 29, 2020) google announced. That a new set of refreshed icons for the places. Api and the places library, maps javascript api will be rolled out in the week of september. 29, 2020 . The appearance of place icons. Will be updated to better match the material design-based icons that appear in google maps. As a result of this change, the icon property in the. Places api and places library, maps javascript api will contain a new url pointing to a new image asset. (enhanced 71×71 pixel png icon), which in turn can be displayed in the user. Application as an icon specific place.

The Icon Set for Places in the Maps Platform Places

Below you can see a preview of how. The new icons compare to those currently used in google’s apis. Change doesn’t. Mean you have to do anything about it. You don’t need. To make any changes to your app code to get new icon image urls. The new Bahrain Phone Numbers List image asset will be the same size and format (71×71 png icon) as the. Previous one. If your projects use plac.E details and / or find place. Requests by explicitly specifying the property icon in the fields parameter, then your applications are potentially .Using image resources in the icon field, which will be updated and bound soon with a new url. Additionally, projects can also use plac.E details requests that don’t specify. A fields parameter and/or nearby places and/or places text search requests that return all fields in the response.

Will Be Updated in Late September 2020

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Therefore, applications can .Potentially use the image resources returned in the icon field in response to one. Of these requests. This table compares the current icons. With a preview of the new versions. Current icon new icon more. About the new icons Phone Number QA can be found in the places api – updated place icons article . You can also download an .Image (23 kb, png) comparing the. Current and new places api icons. If you have any doubts, you can always use the technical support and. Resources of google maps platform . Source: google maps platform.

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