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I agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy I would love to receive updates, news and marketing information by email You can also request a marketing consultation call for your business through our WhatsApp . The search engine and other Google products are very important tools, especially for businesses, organizations and various bodies, so they are use for many nees, including business, private or organizational uses. Sometimes we nee to get assistance or technical support through their representatives. For example, sometimes your ads on Google have not been approve, you cannot log into the analytics account, or other cases. Google also has deicate forums where you can consult and get information and answers to questions. How to contact Google.

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There are several types of products and several types of forms Latvia Phone Number List through which you can contact Google. You have to select the relevant product and then select the appropriate form and then leave information and specify all the necessary details. The list here is by category: Advertising account Google Ads (for advertising on Google ) – Unapprove policies or ads – if there are questions about unapprove policies or ads, use this form . Ads under review – if there are ads still under review, use this wizard . Cancele account – if there is a problem with your account, use this wizard . Payments and charges – if there is a problem with charges or payments in Google Ads, use this form.

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General – if there is an error in the data, an ad under Phone Number QA review, a cancele account or another problem with the advertising account, use this form . Google Ads Editor – if there is an error or malfunction in the tool, use this form . Business or professional account Google Merchant Center – Cancele accounts, fees or details – if there is a problem and your account or products have been cancelle, use this form . Products in local stores – if there is a question or problem regarding local products, use this form . Errors in promotions Promotion.

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