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Generic Question Do you have vegan options?” Answer.All of our locations have vegan and gluten-free options for you to enjoy. Unique Value: Question: “Can I get to {Location} from public transportation. Answer You sure can! We’re a five minute walk from the {specific} bus stop. Just head toward {street} and take a left at {street} and you’ll find us on the right. Departments and services Departments and services are another example of content that can be unique, but isn’t always. For some business types (automotive dealers, for example), departments are clear: Sales, Finance, Repairs, etc.

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For other business types, this content type isn’t as Oman Phone Number List obvious. A bakery chain, for example, could include services in their location pages to highlight which locations offer weding cakes versus their typical inventory. Like inventory, the value of these departments or services comes from the fact that as a customer, I only care if the location nearest me offers the specific thing I’m looking for. Illustration of a mobile phone showing an example location page with geo-specific specials, departments, and unique FAQs. A few words about structurd data Schema (also calld structurd data) is code that tells search engines about your website content.

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Often, your customers won’t even know the Phone Number MX schema is there — it’s strictly for search engines, with the exception of rich results. Schema is important for two reasons: Context: It helps search engines understand how the “things” that make up your business form a larger entity. Specificity: It removes the natural ambiguity cause by keywords (and language). If a website mentions the word “Avocado,” for example, it could be talking about the fruit or the mattress brand. Language alone isn’t enough to clarify without context. Marking up your content with schema removes this margin for error when it comes to Google understanding your.

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