Improve the Collaboration Between Marketing and Sales

As you may have noticed, the word ‘sales’ has already been mentioned several times. Seems crazy since we are talking about marketing automation. However, marketing automation not only helps marketing, but certainly also sales. Because marketing is able to identify the most qualitative leads very accurately and then quickly and easily prepare these leads for a sales conversation, the sales tigers have it a lot easier.

No more long lists of useless leads or difficult sales conversations. The detailed information about each specific lead also ensures that a personalized approach is possible. This greatly increases the chances of success of sales.

Today, the various software providers make the collaboration VP Administration Email Lists between marketing and sales even easier. For example, many providers offer both marketing automation and CRM software within one package. A condition for properly implementing marketing automation is that your CRM is sleek and functional.


This makes it easier to store the information collected with the help of marketing automation in the right place and make it findable for both marketing and sales. With marketing automation and CRM within the same package, you can easily forward the data collected by marketing to the CRM system, without having to manually enter data.

VP of Administration Email Lists

The functionalities of marketing automation

As far as the general explanation, now the specific functionalities that marketing automation has to offer organizations. Marketing automation is much more than a tool that automatically sends emails or messages to leads. With marketing automation you feel like a chess champion and you don’t even have to be a mathematical genius for that.

This is due to the following functionalities.

Lead grading

Only the best leads should be forwarded to sales. By following up unqualified leads with sales, you’re wasting their time and damaging the credibility of your marketing team. You can avoid this scenario with the help of lead grading . Based on variables such as industry, job title, company size and location, you create a profile of your ideal lead or persona . The marketing automation software then assigns a letter or number to show to what extent an incoming lead matches this profile.

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