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Also, the automatic exemption from website accessibility is grante to websites that contain content intende for an audience of less than 500 participants. It is important to know: accessibility operations are the responsibility of the owners and operators of the actual site and it does not apply to the builders of the site. Who benefits from website accessibility? The main populations that will benefit from website accessibility are: Visually impaire and blind people who use software calle “screen reader” Hearing impaire who nee captions to appear in videos People with motor disabilities who nee convenient navigation even without a mouse What is an accessible website and how does it work.

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Until the application of the website accessibility law for people with Afghanistan Phone Number List disabilities, various website owners made sure to use different accessibility components that complie with the requirements of the Type A standard for website accessibility. After the application of the law and the end of the extension period that was given to all the website owners who are oblige to do so, the accessibility operations must be adapte to the AA standard and this in accordance with the Israeli standard numbere 5568 and the international accessibility standards of the W3C. This standard requires the website owners and their operators to implement various accessibility software that includes, among others.

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Deicate software that allows a vocal description of the textual Phone Number QA and visual content on the site Software that allows a description in text form of every image and browsing button that appears on the site Software that allows the surfer to adjust the font size he/she wants (the device requires a minimum of 4 different font sizes according to the require sizes). Software that allows the surfer to make a transition through voice navigation between the various website pages Software that allows you to change the color of the site from full color to black/white/gray Software that allows switching between the website pages by pressing the TAB key on the keyboard without the nee to use a mouse. It is important to know that according to the law.

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