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It is visible how the power of the emoji is now fully used in (public) communication. Even in the field of recruitment. For example, in an attempt to reach its target group, Subway had emojis appear in their vacancies and interested candidates could respond per emoji . In the proceedings, Subway linked emoji to several personality traits. The avocado stands for fit, the cucumber for fresh, the red pepper for spicy and a pack of butter Software Managers Email Database stands for flexible. In response, candidates could make a sandwich based on their character traits. And why not? After all, the fact that you can write a good cover letter does not have to say much about your customer-friendliness or your zest when tackling work.

Source: RTL News

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Emojis in your strategy

The more we see and use emojis, the better we understand them collectively as a visual language. That gives you something to hold on to. And we’ve been practicing for over 10 years now. How you use emojis professionally does not differ substantially from how you fill in the other parts of your communication or marketing strategy. Do you want to include emojis in your tone-of-voice, visual identity or branding? Then it is good to first find out whether the concept, the visuals and the language resonate with your intended target group. Just like you would in a target audience survey when developing other elements of a branding campaign. Which emojis are popular within your target audience? And just as important, how are they used? For example, Burger King ventured to advertise their 100% free of artificial additives through the smiling poo, saying:

Our ice creams used to have this shit. Well, they don’t.

Source: Screenshot from YouTube video David The Agency

Domino’s Pizza took a different approach – this was before pizzagate took the pizza slice as an emoji – and immediately improved the efficiency of their business by letting customers order with a pizza emoji.

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