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As mentioned, the meaning or popularity of an emoji can sometimes differ per (sub)culture. This underlines the importance of target group research, preferably with a test panel with members from that target group. Also keep in mind that the meaning of emojis can shift over time Think of the. Keeping your finger on the pulse is therefore always a good idea. Brenda Speelman previously gave these 5 tips and discusses even more best practices for emoji use. This infographic will also help you on your way.

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Fun facts about emojis

  • The set on our keyboard has now grown to 3,633 emojis (September 2021). A few have since been added, such as the already beloved melting face. In mid-July, it was also announced that a few more are on the way, including a jellyfish, WiFi signal and maracas.
  • There are also emojis that we all don’t really understand very well. For example, what would this pin with padlock  mean?
  • And did you know that the smiling turd  ensures the highest open rates in email marketing? Well aimed of course.
  • The most popular emoji for years was ‘tears of joy’  but in 2022 it will be in a neck-and-neck race with ‘loudly crying face’. Would that say something about the zeitgeist?
  • There are also ‘forgotten’ emojis: these are hardly used, such as the toilet roll, ball of yarn, the boomerang and door.
  • We owe the Unicode Consortium to the fact that we can all send emojis worldwide and our devices can read them . Without this organization the characters would not be encoded and we would not be able to use them. Messages would be full of white squares. Also called the ‘tofu’ [ ].

Content marketing: emoji = emotion

Not surprisingly, the use of emojis on social media and in Payroll Directors Email Lists content marketing was the first to be picked up. Emojis fit perfectly with the atmosphere in which we communicate with each other on most social platforms: personal and informal. As a brand, you can tell your message or story in the visual language of emojis nice and short, make it more visually attractive and add the necessary emotions to positively charge your brand. When people look at emojis, the same brain areas are activated as when they look at a human face. No wonder that in recent years more and more brands have started using emojis in their tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts and even on more business platforms like LinkedIn.

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Emojis have been booming in email marketing and on social media since 2015. Certainly social provides a good environment for brands to experiment with emojis in their communication. KLM took a big hit in 2016 by launching a then groundbreaking emoji travel service.

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