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Marketing on WhatsApp you can create advertising campaigns in campaign management systems to get. People to contact you about marketing and sales and more. WhatsApp Web – you can work with a web application in.  Your browser or computer to improve performance and work more conveniently. Interfaces to Facebook and Instagram – it is possible to link accounts and enable. The creation of a more convenient product sales process between the platforms. Groups – you can create deicate groups and even prevent others from posting in them to create additional marketing and sales channels. Or as communication between employees at your business. Distribution list – you can send updates and alerts in bulk to increase sales and marketing in the business.

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WhatsApp status – you can create updates like a story to Namibia Phone Number List allow users to know what’s new in your business, receive updates on coupons and benefits and more. If you wish to receive consulting services, establishment. Implementation of tools or features or additional information. You can contact us and we can offer you the solutions for you. Do you have several business Facebook pages on the same topic? It’s time to consider the possibility of merging them into one page, or in short you nee to merge Facebook pages. There are several advantages why you should do this. Here is all about it. What is merging Facebook pages? If you have several Facebook business pages (Pages) on the same topic, you can merge them into one page using the Facebook Pages Merge Tool.

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In this way you can combine the likes and the followers and Phone Number QA enjoy one active and better page. Sometimes different businesses or entities create several Facebook pages, some of them are intende for similar purposes or similar topics. For example, a business that has branches, when the management and marketing is performe in general for all of them and not individually for each of the branches.

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