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You can add texts and determine when they will be displaye and for what duration. After clicking continue, write a title for the short video (the name of the video is limite to 100 characters). At the end, click upload and that’s it. That’s it, your short has been publishe. By the way, you can also upload an existing video to a short and then eit it. I mean, there is no obligation to add the short while shooting. How to watch shorts on YouTube? You can see how the reels are displaye in different places on YouTube. Both on the main and main page, both in the subscriptions tab. Both on the YouTube channel of the creator or the business and also by clicking on audio pages.

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What is the difference between shorts and regular Spain Phone Number List videos? A regular video is a professional video that you upload to YouTube and is usually designe to present your complete, complete and professional content. Most of this video is made through a professional camera with a horizontal shot, and the duration of the video is relatively long. A short is a short video that you upload to YouTube and it shows abbreviate or other versions of your content. The videos are shot in length and are made from your mobile device. Regarding the video content and the ideas for creating short videos (shorts) or regular videos, the matter depends on your strategy and the way you use YouTube.

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A simple example that you can think of is, if you have a Phone Number QA YouTube blog about food and recipes and you upload content full of regular videos, then you can create shortene versions of those recipes. Here is a video about Shorts: If you know the story of the social networks, and you want to create your own, then you must know the special format Web Story (Web Stories). Web Stories improve user engagement and your branding. This is how you will learn how to work with it. What is a Web Story (Web Stories)? Web Stories are the web-base version of the stories format that combines text, images, video, audio and animation.

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