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Your boss 2:00pm  The Cold Hard Truth about CTR and Other Common Metrics Britney Muller, Serial Entrepreneur Data Science Student | Data Sci 101 Reporting on website performance is an integral part of SEO, but not all metrics are created equal. If you think your metrics are telling the full story, think again. Start building more insightful reporting methods with data science. In this session, Britney will show you how to quash your reporting woes and make easy work of identifying exactly why your website’s performance changed. 2:35pm — Birds of a Feather Discussion Groups Join fellow attendees in one of our Birds of a.

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Feather Discussion groups to share ideas, and Belgium Phone Number List network with peers around a common topic. Birds of a Feather groups are informal, peer-to-peer conversations. 3:00pm That’s a wrap on Day 2! Networking remains open until 3:30. Wednesday, July 14th 8:30am Networking Open time for attendees to connect with other attendees and MozCon partners. 9:00am  Day 3 Opens! 9:10am  The Fast & The Spurious: Core Web Vitals & SEO Tom Capper, Senior Search Scientist | Moz Core Web Vitals are all the rage, but do they live up to the hype? Tom explores the real SEO impact of Google’s shiny new metrics, which ones you actually need to worry about, an.

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How to prioritize fixes. 9:50am  The Ultimate Phone Number QA How-To for Faceted Navigation SEO in E-commerce Luke Carthy, eCommerce Consultant One of the biggest FAQs in e-commerce: “How do you handle faceted navigation when it comes to SEO?” We’ll ask the tough questions and answer them head-on! Join Luke as he walks through case studies, real-world examples, and how to leverage faceted navigation to really capitalize on high-converting long-tail keywords. If you’re in e-commerce, you won’t want to miss this! 10:25am — Networking Open time for.

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