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Potentially some image pack information, and also, in the chocolate donut example in particular. It might return something like multisearch. So, for instance, you would do a modification. You might say a donut like this, but with sprinkles maybe, for instance. You might also get a result that’s around Google Shopping, for instance. SERP features The other one you want to think about is the kinds of result you might get for a different SERP feature. So Local Pack is something that might come up. Also, knowledge panel. So particularly with the entities. The entities may very well be attacheto a specific knowledge.

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Panel So for instance, logos for businesses or landmarks Italy Phone Number List will have a knowledge panel, and also certain things, like if you were to think about something like Lego, that may very well have a knowledge panel as well. And landmarks, again, also could very well be showing in Google Maps. So think about the kinds of SERP features that you might show there. And that means that you could also, while you’re optimizing this as part of your optimization for visual search, you might think about the optimizations that you make for these types of SERP results as well. Visual match Finally, the other kinds of results that.

Italy Phone Number List

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Google might give to someone when they make a visual Phone Number MX search is a visual match. So visual matches are images that look really similar to the picture that the person took, and these will sometimes return image packs and sometimes return a Local Pack, and they’ll sometimes just return a general SERP result, like including a feature snippet that might have an image in it. You might also see something for a Google Business Profile. So if there is something that’s local that has that, then they may very well get a Google Business Profile visual match, and also just general web content that might come through there. So there’s lots of different opportunities to retur.

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