How to design growth projects Cambodia WhatsApp Number List from 0 to 1? This is enough

After determining the business goals and user types. It is necessary to establish a detailed user model. Such as user activity. Purchasing power. Channels. Registration time and other dimensions. Because under the same activity strategy. Users under different activity dimensions are still it may have different effects on business goals. In order to find the relationship between each factor and the final conversion. So that the subsequent optimization can be targeted. Therefore. We need to build a set of user models according to the actual business attributes. And continuously optimize the model. For example. For the target users who have registered but not purchased this time. In order to verify the relationship between the activity and the final conversion.



Model scheme design

We are going to build a user model. Set the Cambodia WhatsApp Number List activity model. The process is as follows: (1) model parameter design Here we need to clarify our users and goals: User – registered but not purchased; Goal – first order conversion rate. Then we plan to take the activity as the initial model direction. And define the component dimensions of the activity as three factors: the number of logins. The length of stay. And whether or not to log in recently. The details are as follows can be defined according to actual needs. . Which varies from person to person. And is not expanded teach you how to build a sustainable and optimized growth model from 0 to 1 (with case) Then determine the evaluation rules for each parameter (based on historical data.


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How to build a user model

Select an appropriate baseline. And Cambodia WhatsApp Number List continuously optimize and adjust). Count the number of users in each category. And select an appropriate audience. Whether it is necessary to superimpose other grouping labels on the basis of activity classification. Such as: customer acquisition time. Customer acquisition channel… Analyze the user’s post-login behavior data. Such as browsing pages. Products. Etc. (to prepare for the next step to set incentive plans). (2) model scheme design According to the above parameter design template. After grabbing the corresponding number of people. The specific design of the model can be carried out. Here.

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