How SMBs Can Use Data From 100M Calls to Rebound From COVID-19

Once upon a time, a conversion in PPC was simple.

It meant someone completed an action you wanted – which usually meant a sale.

As marketing grew more sophisticated and measurement capabilities evolved though, the term “conversion” got more complex and nuanced.

How Have Conversions Changed?

Instead of tracking one particular conversion, nowadays marketers focus on many desired user actions.

These “micro-conversions” let marketers know if they’re on the right track or not with their audiences.

For example, marketers may have just measured purchases in the past.

Now they measure other actions – like joining an email newsletter or attending a webinar.

It’s a natural evolution as the marketing ecosystem grew.

When paid search was the only tactic in town, you knew where your traffic was coming from.

Users went to search engines and websites. They usually did it on a desktop.


There are tablets, phones, search engines, and social media platforms.

Users are interacting with all of them.

Marketers have to sort out which combination of all these things brings them the best brand growth.

And conversions are key to that.

Typically, a conversion goal falls into one of these categories.

The conversion goal for these efforts is Pakistan Mobile Number to generate a lead.

It can be in the form of an email, a phone call, or a similar action indicating a user is interested in what a company offers.

Platforms have even evolved where campaigns and ad formats can accomplish this without even taking a user to a website.

Campaign objectives like Lead Generation on Facebook make this simple for brands to do.

YouTube recently opened this option to everyone running ads using the feature that was already available in Google Ads.

Getting leads is generally a micro-conversion – meaning, ultimately, they are getting the lead – to sell something.

This can be through email nurturing, or a follow-up phone call from the business.

Purchase Conversions

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Typically associated with ecommerce, a purchase conversion is exactly what it sounds like – someone bought something.

However, many accounts will also take other actions into consideration to determine the overall value of a campaign.

For example, micro-conversions like “Add to Cart” may also be counted.

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