How relevant are social media for B2B?

LinkedIn’s own research shows that 70% of B2B marketers think LinkedIn can be relevant to their business. The marketers see opportunities in branding, generating new business, gathering and sharing knowledge and finding talent.


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Social media is important to any organization – whether you work with it or not. An organization’s image can change rapidly (for the better and for the worse) through messages spread via social media. Social media, when usd properly, can become highly relevant. The image of your company Accounting Directors Email Lists can be greatly supportd with Social media.

Accounting Directors Email Lists

Branding naturally also includes ‘Personal Branding’. Showing yourself in a business context is very different from doing it in person. You see the same differences in branding between B2B and B2C.

Generate new business

Because of the personal approach on social networks, social media is interesting to generate ‘warm’ leads that ensure better response. B2B marketing is pre-eminently about trust and preferably about a personal relationship. More than ever, social media make dialogue possible and therefore also the chance of mutual trust.

A good example can be seen on LinkedIn where users can post ‘recommendations’ about an organization’s services. Anyone in the network can read those recommendations.

Gathering and sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge is often in line with social media. Knowledge sharing is perfectly possible on LinkedIn in the groups where questions can be asked by members. Others provide relevant answers to the question.

Another example is the recently launched LinkedIn Today, where you can only read news from the field in which the user works. The new ‘signal’ search function also offers the possibility to search LinkedIn based on search terms.

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