How does Edgaret recreate the culture and musical elements of London’s old neighborhoods

Through rich visuals and retro soundtracks, it tells the story of the relationship between the protagonist Eloise and actress Sandie. The story of the time, wonderfully outlines the dream and darkness of London’s Soho in the 1960s. Combining issues such as sexual violence and unspoken rules in the entertainment industry, “Blurry Night Soho” is not only Edgaret’s first attempt to shoot a horror movie, but also one of his few stories from the point of view of female characters, and the film is full of old London district culture and music. The persistence of other elements is the atmosphere of the era that he is eager to restore. Back to SoHo to shoot, create amazing duo dance “This movie is about everything that’s good has a bad side.


Director Edgar Wright The story is inspired by

the fact that director Ed Qatar Phone Number Gretel received a stills book titled “Hammer Glamour” more than ten years ago, and found that many horror movie actresses from the 1950s to 1970s had suffered misfortunes and even ruined their careers, which made him suffer. He began to think about the factors of the era and atmosphere behind it, and after Edgaret learned that director Quentin Tarantino had made “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, he was even more determined to prepare for the filming. “In the mid-1960s, London was a cultural center leading the world in fashion, music, film, art, and photography.” Ed Gretel explained that, influenced by a large number of B-horror movies and record music in the 1960s, he wanted to To reproduce the prosperity of the entertainment industry at that time, on the other hand, he also wanted to expose the dark history of the entertainment industry, so he insisted on going to the field to shoot, and began to prepare the soundtrack at the stage of writing. id13373777-LNIS_FP_005_R2 Photo Credit: “Blurry Night Soho” Time-critical filming process “This is the only place in London that is open 24/7.

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Edgret said that since there are almost no unpopular times in SoHo,

The crew worked closely with local authorities to block certain roads. In the early hours of the morning and must tolerate passers-by. Drunk people on set, etc. And they even had to use their time efficiently. Shooting in two different neighborhoods at the same time. Dance segment in one go when protagonist. Eloise meets actress sandie for the first time. Edgret goes back and forth through an out-of-body-like point of view showing how the two. Alternate with each other. Actor matt smith also explained. “We running behind the camera, dodging, jumping, and constantly. Circling or avoiding the camera makes the visuals work. Extended reading: spoofs can also be very serious. The visual ingenuity of “Bloody ice cream series” director edgar wright with the ups and downs of the music. Design editing, lighting rhythm “Our goal is to increase the emotional. Tension through the coordination of lighting, soundtrack. And camera, and try to surprise your sensory experience.Editor paul machliss.

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