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But additional showrooms are opene where buyers can evaluate the goods personally. The promotion of the project has already brought significant success earlier, so new tasks have been set: to increase traffic on the site; strengthen promotion to the regions; increase the number of visits to showrooms; increase the number of sales. In order to ensure their implementation, it was necessary to carry out a whole range of works and apply new optimization tools. Internal optimization First of all, it was necessary to improve the site and especially the catalog. Especially for this purpose, the Empire of Paul move to a new resource, during the creation of which some solutions have already been implemente that contribute to further promotion. The new site receive a.

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SMART filter and it was possible to create pages Dominican Republic Phone Number List according to the specifie parameters automatically. Saving traffic In order to prevent site users from losing it, reirects from old. URLs to new pages were set up. When moving to a new site with a different structure, we manage to save all the traffic When moving to a new site with a different structure, we manage to save all the traffic Working with databases 1C Special templates were introduce on the site, according to which the description of goods was loade from 1C databases. In addition to the name of the product and its cost, these templates also take into account various characteristics and categories. The ability to inflect words, take into account keywords and tags has also been improve.

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Template Appearance Template Appearance At the same time, the description could be change depending on the region of the site visitor. Thus, the Phone Number QA uniqueness of descriptions increase – none of the competing sites could boast of such a feature. Additional Templates Additional templates have been create to allow products to be classifie according to different characteristics. Each of them worke with certain pages of the second level of nesting. sample sample This is how the template responsible for designating the country of the manufacturer of the goods looks like Description text is generate automatically after the template is fille. At the same time, you can cover even queries with the lowest frequency and work through pages of any nesting. However, a difficulty arose during development.



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