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The quotation marks In other words, the content isn’t duplicative. But it’s also not that valuable. You’re simply using different words to relay the same message. This type of content is, in my opinion, the worst of the three because it takes manual effort to create but isn’t more helpful to customers than copy-and-pasting the source material. Unique value The third, final, and best type of content is “unique value.” This content only applies to the location the page is about. It can’t be copie and paste anywhere else because the value of the content is tie to the value of the location itself.

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While this type of content takes a lot of work to New-zealand phone Number List create, it’s also the most helpful and should account for the majority of the content on location pages. What should a location page include? Creating enough unique value on location pages to outweigh boilerplate content isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. The following list includes content features that can add new layers of unique value to your pages — or close to it. 1. Paragraph-form content Paragraph-form content is a great way to provide information to users about your location. When writing location pages, focus on information that is specific to the storefront the page is about. Here’s an example: Dilute Value.

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All of our locations have great customer Phone Number MX service and we’re super passionate about offering [product / service] to people like you!” Unique Value – “We’re locate at the corner of [Street] and [Avenue] and a five minute walk from [Landingmark].” There is a time and a place for “dilute value” content, but your goal should be to provide as much unique information as possible. 2. Location attributes and features If you’ve optimize a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business or GMB), you’re familiar with location attributes. In short, these are a list of features that help customers plan their visit to your location.

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