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Imojo digital marketing no marketing campaign and especially not digital marketing can take off and take.  The business to new areas. Now that we have clarifie this point, let’s examine what is the real role of content in the digital marketing count.  And what else must be kept in mind when building a marketing strategy for Internet activity. First of all, the content is responsible for: More indexe pages. To cause Google as a search engine to index (insert into its database) the page where the content was uploade. More content means more pages will be indexe. Quantity is less important than quality of course. But a large quantity of quality pages can easily affect your site’s positions in search results. Authoritativeness and reputation of the site.

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The authority of the site and your business in the eyes Albania Phone Number List of Google, depends on the amount of quality content found on the site. The more quality content you upload to your website. The more reputation you will gain in the eyes of Google. Which will help, regardless of the amount of content, to rank your website higher in the search results. Keyword relevance. Content is critical to making it clear to Google what your website and business are about. For many years, Google has been running semantic analyzes of content on websites to map pages and websites and understand what they are really talking about. That way, it can show them to surfers even for search phrases that you never planne to lead to your site. As a thought exercise, note which pair of words is repeate the most in this article, and you will understand what phrase this article is trying to promote.

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There are additional functions that content fulfills, which we Phone Number QA will expand on in the following articles, such as opportunities to create an internal link hierarchy, and publishing articles off-site in order to get quality links . [contact-form-7 404 “not found”] And what about the things that the average surfer doesn’t see? Another important thing to consider when talking about content is that there is an invisible layer of information that only search engines are expose to. This is information-about-information, or METADATA in English.

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