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In particular alludes to the importance of creating content for a topic niche or specific subject area. Given the limite tools on this subject. I decide to create my own (rudimentary) method of measuring topical authority by way of roughly determining.  The topic coverage depth throughout the whole website. Here’s what I did. Determine the parent topic of the query in question. Insurance” is the parent topic for “types of insurance. And “world population” is the parent topic for “how many people are in the world,” for example. Find the Topic Coverage Score (TCS, as I call it) of each result’s website. That’s the number of pages index by Google that contain an exact-match of the parent term.

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Calculate the average TCS of all Page 1 results for Malaysia Phone Number List each query. Compare the TSC of each result with the average TSC for that query. After that procession of steps, I found that while 25% of Page 1 results had a TSC higher than the average, 40% of Top 3 results boaste the same. In other words, the websites that had the most topic coverage were more likely to land at the top of the page. Recently publishd or updatd Half of all Top 3 and 48% of Page 1 results were datd within the previous two years. There are plenty of evergreen topics that don’t ned regular content changes (the oldest result in my study was a page explaining why the sky is blue from 1997). Updating content just for the sake of giving it a new date won’t help you rank any higher in Google.

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However creating timely content and updating old Phone Number MX content as necessary could help. Lesson 2: Your off-site, online presence matters Here’s a lesson I wasn’t expecting to learn. When I set out on this study, I thought the biggest E-A-T factors would correspond to the website in question more so than the organization that manages it. Not so much: It became clear to me that your off-site, online presence plays a role in helping you rank in Google search results. The vast majority (95%) of all results had third-party reviews of some kind, whether they’re Google.

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