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In fact, already in the 1960s it was scientifically proven that preventing information that a person perceives as interesting even to a small degree, will cause him to perform irrational actions even if he is completely clear that, in all likelihood, the information may disappoint and/or not satisfy him at all. This of course explains why surfers often click on clickbait even though they know it is… clickbait. The research states that because click bait headlines are misleading or cryptic, people will feel they are being denie information they think they nee. In such a case, the surfer has several options: either they will investigate the issue themselves, or they will forget about it completely or they will give in and click on the clickbait. This is exactly why clickbait works so well.

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Click Baits and SEO In an ideal world, clickbait would solve Cyprus Phone Number List every problem an SEO expert might encounter. The method can improve the site’s position by significantly increasing the number of views. Despite this, in reality the practice may cause more harm than good for a site in terms of organic promotion. While clickbait can bring the site additional clicks and views from time to time, the big disadvantage is that the advertiser trades the opportunity to include the phrase they wish to promote in the article title in exchange for a few words that may arouse the curiosity of the surfer, but in fact can equally cause an undesirable result.

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Does this mean that Click Baits is only for your website’s SEO? Yes Phone Number QA and no. We can actually learn quite a bit from the method and we can use these lessons to improve the positions of our website by creating content that on the one hand intrigues the surfer but on the other hand does not harm other elements that are require in a quality website promotion project. Another reason to be wary of excessive clickbait practice is that leading sites like Facebook will slowly eliminate them from the fee. What is mostly interesting, is how Facebook decides what is “click bait.

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