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Accessible to my tech stack. Breadcrumbs Photo of hand drawn breadcrumbs example. Then breadcrumbs allow me to parse up and down the particular let’s say it’s a product search page on an e-commerce website without having to go back to the menu and then parse through every single menu item again. So these two are super important for navigation but also especially for people who are navigating with a keyboard and using assistive technology. 3. Develop keyboard-first Photo of hand drawn computer and keyboard. Then a non-SEO thing but important nonetheless and relatable, develop your website and your experience keyboard first.

In Fact Your Visitors May Be More Satisfied

Not everyone has a mouse or the ability to Armenia Phone Number List use a mouse because of a movement disability or because of an impairment or because of a lack of technology or hardware. So make sure you develop keyboard first, and you’re going to kind of encapsulate more of those people that you’re looking to encapsulate with your audience. Understandable 1. Language Photo of handwritten HTML code specifying LANG= Understandable. So we talk about in international SEO, when we’re dealing with different countries and different languages, how important it is to use the HTML on our page to signify what the language of the page is.

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Now To Be Clear Before We Get Into These

It helps search engines provide the right Phone Number QA results in the right maybe national or international context. It also helps screen readers read your content aloud in the right language. 2. Navigational layout Photo of hand drawn web page examples. Then navigational layout and interstitials I think are pretty common, but nobody likes a navigation or a layout of a website that’s confusing. The easier you make it, the easier it is for people to convert or do what you’re looking for them to do with this website, whether it’s learn, whether it’s buy, whether it’s engage in a service. That’s easier when the navigation and layout is streamlined.

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