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We’d love to chat with you! About Kavi Kardos  Kavi is the SEO Manager on the Growth Marketing Team at Moz, owning search marketing operations for moz. and the Moz brand.Way back in 2015, I publish an article giving away a free, simple, forecasting tool, and talking through use cases for forecasting in SEO. It was a quick, effective way to see if a change to your site traffic is some kind of seasonality you can ignore, something to celebrate, or a worrying sign of traffic loss. In short: you could enter in a series of data, and it would plot it out on a graph like the image above.

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Five years later I still get people  from former Hong Kong Phone Number List colleagues to complete strangers  asking me about this tool, and more often than not, I’m ask for a version that works directly in spreadsheets. I find this easy to sympathize with: a spreadsheet is more flexible, easier to debug, easier to expand upon, easier to maintain, and a format that people are very familiar with. The tradeoff when optimizing for those things is, although I’ve improv on that tool from a few years ago, I’ve still had to keep things manageable in the famously fickle programming environment that is Excel Google Sheets.

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That means the template shar in this post Phone Number QA uses a simpler, slightly less performant model than some tools with external code execution (e.g. Forecast Forge). In this post, I’m going to give away a free template, show you how it works and how to use it, and then show you how to build your own (better?) version. (If you ne a refresher on when to use forecasting in general, and concepts like confidence intervals, refer to the original article link above.). Types of SEO forecast There is one thing I want to expand on before we get into the spreadsheet stuff: the different types of SEO forecast.

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