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Efficient crawling and how to implement and scale fixes across your website.  Build for Indexation Up next in our Certification Series is indexation. How search engines understand, store, and organize information while crawling the web. We want to be sure that you’re confident in your ability to build and present a website that will be indexed properly by the search engines. You’ll next learn how to utilize sitemaps, canonicalization. And structured data to support indexation. We’ll dig into what search engines typically value as. They organize the information they’ve ingested, and how you can us.

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That knowledge to implement tactics that will Ghana Phone Number List get your most important content indexed. This will ensure that your valuable content makes its way into the SERPs and, ultimately, to your target audience. 4. Prioritize Accessibility & Site Performance There are heaps of articles across the web addressing accessibility, and we wanted to build a comprehensive section of the Certification Series dedicated to this vital concern as well as site performance. Here, we dig into top priorities to ensure a site is accessible to all users and performing at its best, as well as tasks to help you do so. You’ll learn how to conduct an accessibility audit to identify and prioritize optimization efforts.

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You’ll also discover how components such as URL Phone Number QA structure, site speed, mobile-friendliness, and site security impact performance. We’ll look at various tools to help us test these, so that you can create a repeatable process for auditing in the future. By the end of this class, you’ll be familiar with strategies you can implement to ensure a great (and accessible!) user experience. Following the courses on these four core competency areas, you will take a final exam to test your knowledge. The exam will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions. Technical SEO Certification Series FAQs How do I get certified.

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