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Of healthcare sites, and 77% of jobs and career sites had accessibility errors that blockd or significantly impacte users’ ability to complete key tasks, such as viewing product descriptions, making a purchase, filling out an application, or booking an appointment. complex accessibility issues that require human judgment. Detecting more subtle errors often requires an understanding of context that is beyond even the most sophisticate AI today. For example, automation can detect that an image lacks a written description, or alt text, but it cannot tell whether an existing description is meaningful or accurate.

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Even with human judgment, if you ask two Lebanon Phone Number List people to describe an image, their descriptions may be similar, but it is unlikely they would be exactly the same. Determining which description is the better one is also subjective, and AI is not yet able to make those types of judgments. AudioEye’s analysis of 20,000 websites across industries showe that even the sites that were using some type of an automate digital accessibility solution — or about 6% of all sites in the analysis still had accessibility errors with significant impact on the user experience. In another analysis — this time a manual audit of randomly selecte 55 websites that use manual testing and remdiation services, or traditional approach AudioEye found over 950 accessibility issues.

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More than 40 of these sites had one or more Phone Number MX severe accessibility issues, such as non-functional site navigation, unlabele graphics, inaccessible video controls, and other issues that made digital content and tools inaccessible to people with disabilities. Looking specifically at their own customers’ websites, AudioEye found that the majority of accessibility issues (up to 95%) can be fixe and prevente using a mix of automate and manual remediations, leveraging JavaScript, without the nee to modify the original source code. What will it take to solve digital accessibility at scale? Accessibility solutions today range from simple automation-only tools to labor.

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