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Minor investment in survey tech will let you directly ask the public what they want most from charging stations. Is it spe, location, more ports, better instructions, different payment options? Find out and document your learnings. 2. Analyze industry reviews and questions Look at the common themes in your online reviews. For example, one thread I see running through the EV charging vertical is complaints about sitting in hot cars for 30+ minutes while charging up. When you think about it, gas stations provide shade at the pumps, though patrons are only there for ten minutes.

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If your customers are being inconvenienc in the Cayman Islands Phone Number List summer heat, would properties permit you to build a canopy, or perhaps even better, plant some native trees to double down on your green goals? Moz Local will surface the 100 most common words in your reviews for sentiment analysis purposes. Dig deeply into these for content inspiration and structural improvements. And check out the positive and negative sentiment your competitors’ reviews contain. What is the competition getting wrong that you could get right? If you find opportunities like these, be sure you’re writing about them. 3. Fire up keyword research tools How do electric car charging stations work.

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Where can I charge my electric car? What is Phone Number QA the best EV charging station? How to find free charging stations How many miles does a Tesla get per charge? Are EVgo stations free? Can I use ChargePoint at EVgo? What is a level 3 charging station? Questions truly abound in the EV charging space. Moz Pro Keyword Explorer lets you type in keywords and phrases you feel could be important to the business you’re marketing, and then filter the results to see questions like the ones in my list, above. If you sign up for a free Moz community account, you.

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