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If you can create content that services them as it relates to their informational intent. Or understand the way that they buy and whether or not they’re looking for coupons.  Or whether they’re looking for things near me, and you can create content base off of this researc. It will make it easier for you to be able to generate revenue off the back of your content. Backlink research You also want to do things like backlink research. Which is going to inform backlink outreach. You want to do backlink research because it’s going to give.  You insights into knowing what content you can create that is linkable.

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What is content that is being produce, the ideal Peru Phone Number List publications that your audience is reading are linking back to? You want to use all of this to inform your own strategy. Social sharing and paid media research Social sharing research, paid media research. Look at the content that people in your audience are sharing on social. Look at your competitors and what information and resources they’re promoting, because it’s very likely that if they’re running ads to a certain landing page, that it’s probably generating some revenue. So you want to look at that and use it to inform your own strategy as well. People What type of people on your team do you want to have making these types of decisions and doing this research? It’s pretty holistic.

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You want SEOs you want social media managers ant Phone Number MX your community manager involve. You want your PPC folks involve. You want a strategist, an analyst. Maybe even some developers involve. This is an important piece of the puzzle that oftentimes gets overlooke. When we think about our industry, content marketing, there’s two words there — content and marketing. We forget about marketing actually being roote in research. So you want to embrace the research side of things before you start creating content, and you want to have a holistic.

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