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To do this, access the statuses tab, tap on my status, click on “more” and then transfer. You can transfer several updates at the same time by long pressing and selecting them. Then select the chats or groups to which you want to share the status and then tap on transfer. Sharing to other social networks You can share a WhatsApp status to other social networks and in particular a Facebook story or a regular post, an Instagram story or a regular post, other social networks or other apps. To do this, access the statuses tab, then go to my status, click “more” and then share. There you can select the application including the type of post you want to share.

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If there are several status updates, you can choose which ones to Malaysia Phone Number List share and which not. Status privacy – who can watch and how to show to customers? Status updates are visible only to those saved in your phone book as a contact, and to those who have saved your phone number as a contact in their phone book. It is also possible to determine to whom the statuses will be visible (all your contacts or some of them). You can change the privacy settings to whom they will be visible through the status tab and then on additional options. With the privacy change, it applies to new updates but not to previously posted status updates. If you’ve turned off read permissions, you won’t be able to see which contacts have viewed your status updates.

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If another contact has revoked read permissions, it’s Phone Number QA not possible to see if they’ve viewed your status update. As it says in the first paragraph here, if you want your contacts to be able to view your status updates, you must add them to your contacts and have them add your phone to their contacts. Therefore, if you want to promote this, it is recommended that you provide this information to those people in order for them to add you as a contact and ask you to add them as a contact as well.

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