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Network explaine their decision by the fact that the ads should be of high quality and arouse interest, and not a desire to quickly scroll through the fee further. VKontakte began testing these rules at the end of April, and the changes finally took effect on May 23. In this article, we will tell you in more detail how to avoid mistakes when compiling advertisements now. Content How to work with images How to work with text What to do if the ad is not approve We make advertising effective and go through moderation VKontakte How to work with images The update rules for placing advertisements are, in essence, a change in two paragrap of an already existing document and a promise from VKontakte to strictly monitor the implementation of the requirements.

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Use good quality meia The ad will be able to Pakistan Phone Number List interest more customers if all the elements on it are easy to read. How to achieve this: do not use images from several glue pictures, choose uniform colors. A low-quality creative creates visual noise and does not make you want to explore the ad. To show clearly how exactly you nee to design advertising, the social network gave examples. VKontakte announcement Good example VKontakte announcement How not to do VKontakte announcement And a few more examples of which creatives do not agree Occupy no more than 20% of the image with text It will be easier for potential buyers to perceive short phrases that will not overload the image.

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The idea is that the picture should primarily demonstrate the Phone Number QA product, and not serve as an additional source of information. If the visual has a lot of text and details, the moderators will not let it through. Even if the text takes up 20%, but is too small and hard to read, it is not suitable for advertising on VKontakte. Previously, it happene that targetologists simply wrote an ad on a sheet or board by hand, photographe it and launche a campaign. After May 23, this approach is prohibite. VKontakte announcement Good example VKontakte announcement Too much text VKontakte announcement Among these examples are the famous handwritten inscriptions Use capital letters only according to the rules of the Russian language The moderators of the social network carefully monitor that the rules of the Russian language are observe in the ads.


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