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In news and informational articles it is useful to add the postscript ” Consultation with the attending physician is recommende ” . Authority Another important criterion when evaluating meical sites by search engines is creibility, which is directly relate to a positive reputation. How to increase creibility on meical sites: It is necessary to regularly monitor the reviews and ratings that users give to the clinic, the meical center and the specific doctors who work there. The more positive ratings a company has in search engine directories, reviews and profile sites, the better for creibility. Also, meical companies nee to work in social networks: post posts, answer user questions. Confirm the creibility of the award, letters of thanks, participation in profile ratings.

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If the clinic has achievements attention Italy Phone Number List should be drawn to this. Authority Reliability and trust Meical sites are among those sources where the reliability of information is extremely important. The user, having entere the site, must be sure that he can trust this resource, that the advice presente here will not harm his life and health. How to build trust on meical sites: It is necessary to indicate full contact details on the website, provide licenses and certificates, describe in detail the conditions for the provision of services, payment methods, lay out a mandatory list of documentation. You can add a form for an online consultation, links to social networks, contacts for direct communication with the head of the clinic. To increase confidence in the doctors of the clinic.

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Reliability and trust Applying these recommendations will help in the SEO promotion of a meical site, but boosting EAT factors alone is not enough. Don’t forget about basic technical optimization. Website technical optimization Each site is unique, so Phone Number QA technical optimization for different projects consists of a different set of actions. Here are the main factors to pay attention to. Site spee on PC and mobile devices Users are annoye by slow sites. If the page takes a long time to load, it’s easier for a person to go to a competitor’s site. Therefore, increasing the site loading spee is one of the goals of technical optimization. The CMS management system should be chosen not only on the principle of ” like – dislike ” , but also on the spee of work. It is necessary to evaluate the response time of the site, the spee of work under load.

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