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Invest in professional photos One of the easiest things to notice on websites is which ones use musty stock photos and which ones invest in professional and serious photos. The impression from the site in each of these options is different from end to end. We don’t want our site to look generic and pale. One impressive image on each page will change the look of the entire site. 5. Choose fonts that are suitable for all browsers and computers There are beautiful fonts that are not suitable for all browsers and computers, and the result can be a disaster – your website will not be readable, or will look very bad, for some visitors. There is a list of universal fonts that are suitable for all.

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Go for free website building based on your business Benin Phone Number List Facebook page Building websites for free sometimes has to compromise the results, but not always. If you have a business Facebook page and don’t have a website yet – you can set up a website in a few seconds, and it will look professional and impressive. Even if you don’t have a Facebook business page, you can set it up in a few minutes and then create a new website through it. This is a great way to save thousands of shekels, long weeks and a lot of headache. 7. Don’t forget the fold When we pick up a newspaper there is a fold in the middle, and there is a meaning to what appears above the fold and what appears below it.

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The part above the fold is the most important, as it is the Phone Number QA first thing we see and based on that we will decide whether to go over what is below the fold, and later inside the newspaper itself. So although websites appear on the computer and not on paper, they also have a crease – what you see on the screen when you first come to our website. It is important that this first screen be interesting and intriguing and make you want to scroll down to the rest of the content on the home page. In order to achieve this goal, you need to carefully plan what appears above the fold, how much and where.

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