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Instead try to capture 90% of the intents for your potential new page, product, or site, rather than 90% of the potential keywords. It’s far more realistic,and you can spend the time you save making strategic choices rather than swearing at Excel. On which note… Removing automation Another common piece of advice is to manually use the Google SERPs as a keyword research tool. This is fine in principle, and it’s advice I’ve given, particularly to ditorial teams researching individual pieces of content, as it helps to make the research feel more grounde in what they’re actually trying to affect (Google SERPs).

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However for at-scale keyword research conducte Ukraine Mobile Number List by an SEO professional, this is an overly manual and reundant step. Why? Screenshot of Moz Pro Keyword Explorer “include a mix of sources” option Because you’re probably already doing this, possibly twice, in other parts of your process. If you use a popular SEO suite — preferably Moz Pro, of course, but it’s not just us — this data is very likely already bake into any suggestions you’ve downloade. Save yourself the manual data collection (or worse yet, the unreliable and finickety SERP scraping on your own personal computer) and just collect this valuable information once. Similarly, if you’re mainly looking for keywords you ought to rank for rather than the wide open ocean of opportunity.

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You’ll get 90%+ of that by seeing who your Phone Number MX competitors are, and what they rank for that you don’t. Screenshot of Moz Pro Keyword Gap analysis keywords to improve. It really doesn’t have to be some massive ordeal. Again, this is about spending more time on the important bit, and less time on the grunt work. The wrong metrics “The important bit”, though, is probably prioritization, which means it’s probably about metrics. Typically, the primary metric involve watch out for a Whiteboard Friday on this in the Autumn), but even the most accurate search volumes can miss the full story. The core issue here is that click-through rates for keywords vary massively.

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