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It is important not to forget to start with an up-to-date and clean list of emails.  So that we know that at stage 0 all the email addresses we will send are real and active. What type of events trigger automation? A few simple examples to understand what I’m talking about. Sending a “Welcome” email after someone subscribes to your email list. Sending an email when a person surfing your website is already registere on your mailing list – when someone already registere on your email list visits your website. There are email marketing tools that can track the pages they visite on. Try looking for a hotel in a random city in the world and you will receive an email after a few days with a list of recommendations for that place.

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Response to a survey/question – let’s say you decide to send Bahamas Phone Number List an email to your mailing list to check if they are intereste in purchasing a new product that you offer. Base on their answer, another email (or series of emails) will be sent automatically. Shopping cart abandonment email – if you collect the user’s email address during the buying process – or you already have the email address since the customer is already registere with you – you can send him an email to encourage him to finish a purchase that he abandone in the middle. Did you know that the average cart abandonment rate for e-commerce vendors is over 70%? Most of the buyers abandon their purchase after they have adde products to the shopping cart.

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Terminology that is important to know in the email Phone Number QA automation world Before starting to deal with email automation, it is important to know some of the most common terms in email marketing: Opt-in/Subscribe – when someone agrees to be include in your mailing list. Double opt-in – when someone agrees to be include in your mailing list, and is require to reconfirm their consent. Spam – when someone does not agree to be include in.  Your mailing list and emails are sent to them anyway. Or when someone does agree but you send too many emails.

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