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Then there was the seasonal influx of interest during the holidays. Interestingly, the conversion rate was 123% higher during the holidays compar to its peak in the beginning of the pandemic. With parents and families stuck at home, there was an exponential and lengthy growth in online behavior for children’s toys. Although the growth has taper, it continues to see an upward trend. As expect, travel sites have taken the largest hit out of our study with a significant drop that has result in Monthly SEO reports are a vital part of any.

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SEO strategy because they provide an outlet to Poland Phone Number List ucate customers, show ROI, and guide the conversion for upsells. While SEO reports are crucial in many ways, they are usually ruc to boilerplate PDF templates sent to clients each month with a generic message. If this describes your SEO reporting approach, you’re missing out on vital opportunities to retain clients and upsell with carefully craft storytelling strategies. SEO reporting has always been an important part of my deliverables. Whether I’m working with clients through my agency, StrategyBeam, or when I work in a corporate team, I found that good reporting made a big difference with trust building and overall strategy.

Poland Phone Number List

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Regardless of who you’re working with  national brands Phone Number QA or local businesses — I’ve found that solid SEO reporting helps ground the client relationship. Over the past eight years, I’ve been able to grow StrategyBeam to a mid-six-figure agency. Customer service and results have always been our bread and butter, and SEO reports help us show how we stand out from the competition, and create long-term relationships with our clients. Be sure to incorporate SEO reports into your regular cadence if you are struggling to keep a client, or you just want a way to engage with your clients in a deeper way.

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