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Their sch eule of appointments as well as information about state guarantees for the implementation of m eical activities . Full information about the m eical institution is also requir e to be post e on the website: date of state registration, full name, structure and contact details of all departments; use only copyright e content on the site , including images and photographs. Illegal copying of any content can result in heavy fines. Even if you post a photo of a healthcare professional, you must get their permission to post it. In short, these are the main legal nuances that must be taken into account when creating and promoting a website with m eical services. Let’s move on to the practice of promotion. Step 1. From alpha to omega: we select keywords, taking into account the smallest details.

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In any topic the selection of requests for promotion is the basis of the basics. The better and more accurately they are select e, the greater the reach of the audience will be at the output. The semantics of the website of the m eical clinic rests on 3 pillars that are important to work out to the maximum: 1. Names of diseases and symptoms . The more diseases you cover, the better. The main thing is that these diseases can be treat e through the efforts of your valiant specialists. Example queries: “stomach pain”, “treatment of gastritis”, “gastritis symptoms”, “how to treat stomach pain”. Implementation example on the site: Image from Image from 2. Direction of treatment / names of specialists .


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The construction of this cluster should be bas e on the list Phone Number QA of services and the list of specialists who provide them. We add near-profile queries and synonyms here and get a fully cover e category. Sample queries: “gynecology”, “gynecologist services”, “make an appointment with a gynecologist” + adding geo-dependent words, for example, “gynecologist in Moscow”. An example of the implementation of the group on the site: Image from Image from 3. Other clinic services . We include here auxiliary activities – conducting tests, diagnostic proc eures, narrow-profile operations, etc. Examples of queries: “blood biochemistry”, “take a biochemical blood test adding geo-dependent words, for example, “biochemistry in Moscow.


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