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The goal is to provide a realistic look at what potential customers can expect base. On the past experiences of others. Additionally, reviews about the location itself (and only that location) add another layer of unique value to the page. 7. Products and inventory I recommend adding product information or an inventory fee to every location page, even if the products offere at each location are the same. Your customers only care if a given product or service is in stock near them, so inventory information is, in a way, another form of unique value content.

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Nearby locations Nearby locations are great if Saudi Arabia Phone Number List you  have multiple storefronts in close proximity. They’re also another opportunity to add unique information to your location pages. These can be adde as their own module on the page or integrate with an existing map. I personally prefer to ddicate an entire page section to them to avoid confusion for readers who land on the page to get directions. Illustration of a mobile phone showing an example location page with unique reviews, other locations, and what’s in stock. 9. Offers and specials Specials and offers don’t have to be unique for every location. I just wouldn’t make sense. That said, coupons and offers that are geographically relevant can be an opportunity to build additional value for local customers.

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Coupons offers deals etc. by state or metropolitan Phone Number MX area are one way to accomplish this. 10. FAQs Frequently aske questions are one of my favorite ways to create rich, in-depth and unique content on local landing pages. I’ve seen a lot of businesses add FAQ modules to their pages, but I’ve also seen a lot of businesses only add generic questions and answers to those modules. When adding FAQs to your local landing pages, ask questions that will elicit a unique response. Also, try to avoid yes or no questions, unless you plan to expound on the answers.

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